This paper describes the approach taken by Esso Production Malaysia Inc. (EPMI) recently to review its portfolio of marginal oil resources (or "statics") associated with existing fields. This review was conducted in light of the latest technology to identify feasible development concepts and generate a seriatim of activities that could be undertaken, given an appropriate economic environment. A three man multi-discipline core team met with staff members to identify all current reserves additions ideas and address the concerns involved in their development. Preliminary development concepts were formulated and then refined using ideas and advice obtained from Exxon's international affiliates via the company's worldwide computer mail system. Applications of technologies ranging from extended reach drilling from existing platforms to use of mini-platforms and subsea wells were considered. Based on screening analysis, a seriatim of technically feasible projects was developed.

This paper also discusses EPMI and industry extended reach drilling experience, the evolution of EPMI'S approach to platform design concepts, and some affiliate experience in the areas of small offshore structures and subsea wells.

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