Sejadi re-entry well is located in STS platform, offshore East Kalimantan, PT Pertamina Hulu Kalimantan Timur. SJ-2 well slot has been selected as re-entry well for drilling development from 5 existing well slot at the same location. As part of Stacked Template Structure (STS) where the SJ-2 conductor is used as one of platform leg, surface and wellbore integrity is important to maintain platform stability as well as well integrity.

During well preparation work by using Hydraulic Workover Unit (HWU), the leaking was observed on the surface through annular 13-3/8″x30″ casing. In term of surface wellhead, observed the unihead has tilting indication which may degraded related of structural capacity. Both of the integrity issue need to be recovered prior to proceed re-entry drilling operation. In order to get optimum work capability, the well preparation work has suspended and for well integrity recovery work it will be performed by Jackup rig.

The unihead tilting issue need to be verified and to ensure the structure capacity is sufficient, some stiffeners were welded on the unihead to 30″ casing housing plate as a supporter. In term of wellbore integrity issue, the recovery plan has been developed with the scope as follows; leaking point identification, remedial cementing which include the installation of additional 9-5/8″ as "suspended" tie back casing, and barrier verification test.

This paper is describe the process to recover both surface and wellbore well integrity issue by Jackup Rig, in consideration to optimize operation timeline, chance of success and rig daily spread cost. This practice has successfully implemented safely, to provide well integrity assurance to be able to continue the operation until put on production phase.

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