Operational Excellence is paramount in oil & gas industries. Various efforts were made to achieve incident free while promoting efficient operation. However, in massive operation activities, the challenges become even greater because of the Short of Service Employee (SSE). The aggressive in increasing number of Rigs creates a high number of newcomers with limited skill, competence, and experience. Nevertheless, dynamics challenge operations are not an excuse to fail. Operation must be run safely for business continuity. Appropriate solutions are figured out to bridge the condition and applying Knowledge Management (KM) is one of them.

Drilling & Completion Rokan believes that learning culture is a strong foundation in achieving the vision and mission of the organization. The learning process has been carried out from the management level to the Business Partner's frontliners under learning group called D&C Learning Club - DCLC. Information and knowledge sharing is always delivered face-to-face or via online meetings. Digital technology such as social media has proven to be practical, easy to do and accelerates the learning process. However, this application has limitations for use in very massive and complex environments. Therefore, D&C Rokan has developed a KM platform that is more robust and provides better value.

The development research begins with the mapping process for the required knowledge. This mapping is scoped on Drilling operation and Engineering support. Then SWOT and TOWS analyzes were carried out to support the decision-making process in selecting applications for the KM platform. Decisively, team decided to choose "SharePoint" application because of its superiority in security, infrastructure availability, memory capacity and ability to provide an environment for community interaction, transforming knowledge based on a knowledge creation model, known as SECI - Socialization, Externalization, Combination, and Internalization.

The KM application, which is called KM&L, consists of 3 main parts: discussion platform, digital library, and learning calendar. The learning community remains a major factor in the success of achieving a learning culture. Activeness in questions and answers, discussion to find solutions, challenging each other and involving Subject Matter Experts (SME) will accelerate the process of creating knowledge, which is documented in a digital library. KM&L is expected to become One Stop Shop Learning. The expectation is not only to accelerate the learning curve for SSE, but also to retain knowledge for communities. These will eventually become one of the competitive advantages for D&C Rokan in achieving operational excellence: incident free operation and world class reliability & efficiency.

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