Oil wells that produce crudes with high paraffin content usually lead to precipitation due to deposits forming near wellbore up to downhole equipment of artificial lift which potentially cause downhole problems resulting loss production opportunities. This paper presents success practical case from PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan Zona 4 in handling paraffin deposition in oil well producers with most widely used sucker rod pump as artificial lift without well services job.

Thermal treatment has been used in a number of paraffin deposition problems, steam injection is the one of method to overcome the deposits in well producers. Mobile Steam Injection (Steamject) is built by steam generator installed on the truck which has capability to produce steam from water which has adequate heat capacity to melt the paraffin deposits and the steam will be injected into annulus with temperature up to 250 oC. Flexibility of Mobile Steamject provides prompt action to remove the deposits from the well during the production phase.

Early detection of downhole problem such as plunger stuck was able to identified from dynacard card analysis. Once the problem is confirmed, Steamject will propagate the heat through annulus into well and downhole equipment to reduce restriction of pump volume displacement. After the steam was completely injected, production will start to continue while observing the production test result and re-run the dynacard analysis. Two promising advantages of Steamject are the deliverability and cost efficiency as implemented in Benakat Barat Operation Area. Based on practical case, Steamject can reduce the operation time up to 116 hours. Then, the faster the deliverability time, the lower operation cost.

Practical case presented in this paper about steam injection to overcome paraffin deposition provides lesson learned for operation excellences. Implementation of Mobile Steamject has opportunity in any mature field that needs flexible and low-cost solution of paraffin problems.

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