Low Quality Reservoir in WK Rokan is quite famous as a large volume of remaining recoverable resource, where TLS Formation owned the biggest share (~51%) of the total Low-Quality Reservoir potential additional reserves. This formation develop widely in Central Sumatra Basin with range ~600 ft TVDSS depth and the deepest productive reservoir in ~4000 ft TVDSS.

The 600ft TVDSS TLS Reservoir is identified as the most challenging Low-Quality Reservoir in term of its subsurface and operation since this formation has been producing for decades. This Reservoir located in BLSO field in Riau Province, Central Sumatra, Indonesia approximately 140 km Northwest of Pekanbaru or 50 km northwest of the DRI field. The field is a large elongated anticlinal structure bounded on the southwest by a major high-angle reverse fault. The shallowest productive TLS in WK Rokan has a minimum recovery factor with a low reservoir quality which has permeability range of 20-300 MD due to the thin overburden barrier (shallow structure), reservoir complexity (low reservoir permeability, low sand connectivity) that led to limitation of completion strategy resulted in low oil recovery. It is found in 1972, and commercially produced as an oil-producing well with a reservoir depth of 800 - 1000 ft TVD with current recovery factor only 8%. The drive mechanism in this reservoir is shown as a weak water drive reservoir.

The old-fashioned development strategy from this shallow low-quality reservoir is by having hydraulic fracturing with cased hole completion which will be driven a high-cost development scenario if we want to increase oil recovery in this reservoir. The alternate solution in developing this shallow reservoir is by optimizing productive section interface, and Open Hole Screen Liner is coming out as solution with lower investment to add more recovery with average production 49 BOPD and low average water cut (51%).

This paper will talk about in how we develop well candidacy to apply open hole screen liner completion method, the result and future development plan to improve oil recovery in shallowest low quality reservoir in WK Rokan.

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