This paper will outline the key features, design considerations and technology qualification program of the first Subsea Automated Pig Launcher (SAPL) installed and operated in a shallow water field development since a decade ago.

Field K is located in one of offshore Malaysian gas fields. The average water depth at the subsea location is around 80 meters. The field deliver non-associated gas since 2012 to a Central Processing Platform (CPP). SAPL was designed to accommodate the frequent pigging requirement for the purpose of efficient pipeline liquid management in the gas condensate system. The pigging operations are also critical to facilitate batch application of corrosion inhibitor to protect its 24-inch Carbon Steel pipeline. SAPL was selected as the preferred technology since it allows for single pipeline configuration from the subsea wells, as compared to dual loop pipeline that would impose additional CAPEX for the development. Pigging operation via downline from the vessel was eliminated due to less economically attractive proposal.

For the past 10 years, SAPL technology has proved to be one of the cost-effective solutions for subsea field developments that require frequent operational pigging. This paper will highlight the key learnings on application of SAPL technology for pipeline pigging operation. It will also provide some insights on the recommended engineering, construction, operation and intervention practices of the novel technology solution that could pave the way for reliable and cost attractive solutions for pigging operation in shallow water and deep water development in future.

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