Tunu is a mature giant gas and condensate field locate in Mahakam Delta, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The field has been in development for almost 30 years and currently has been considered as a mature field where to put a state of an economic well has become more challenging nowadays. The deeper zone of Tunu has no longer been considered as profitable to be produced and the current focus is more on the widespread shallow gas pocket located in the much shallower zone of Tunu.

One phase well is architecture without 9-5/8" surface casing. OPW is one-section drilling using a diverter mode from surface to TD without using BOP. Historical for OPW is began from 2018, where drilling reservoir section using diverter mode in two-phase. In 2018 also succeeded in performing perforated surface casing. Due successfully in drilling operation using diverter and perforated surface casing, in 2019 drilling trials for OPW were carried out. Until now, the OPW architecture has become one of the common architecture used in drilling operations as an optimization effort.

Until December 2020 PHM has completed 15+ OPW wells. A general comparison of OPW and SLA well is at the cost of constructing a well of approximately 200,000 - 300,000 US$. The disadvantages of OPW wells are more expensive in the mud and cement section when using a 9-1/2" hole, but in terms of the duration, OPW drilling time is more efficient up to 2-3 days. If viewed from the integrity of the OPW wells, from 15 OPW wells that have been completed, only 2 of them have SCP.

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