In October 2019, electrical submersible pump (ESP) XY-107 experienced an overload shutdown. Troubleshooting actions have been conducted such as reverse rotation, used rocking method, voltage boost, inject gas through the annulus, and even fluid circulation, yet still failed to reactivate the well. Pump stuck condition was suspected and urgently need a solution.

A study was performed to determine the cause of pump stuck. XY-107 is produced from limestone formation, therefore suggesting possibility of scale deposit formation in this well. Upon physical inspection inside the well's flowline, lump of deposit was recovered and suspect similar material could have occurred inside the pump. Rig intervention is a common solution for the ESP pump stuck condition. However, it required high cost (around 80,000 USD) and a longer well service job period up to 5 days. With scale deposit as the suspect, an unconventional solution was proposed to soak the well with acid to dissolve stuck-material by rigless operation. It was much cheaper than rig intervention (only about 4,000 USD) and with a shorter time of 1 day. Yet, acid selection is critical to avoid material damage during operation. Since conventional acid system is known to be corrosive to the metal components, hazardous, and difficult to handle; chelating acid was chosen as an alternative since it is known as a metal-friendly and able to dissolve carbonate and iron deposit. Treatment to address pump stuck situation was executed in March 2020. The chemical treatment was injected by pumping and circulating chelating solution from tubing to the annulus. ESP then soaked for 48-hours long.

The treatment has successfully revived the well. It produced with no significant issue for 8 months and even double the oil production. This successful treatment proves chelating technique is safer for ESP and able to regain well production. Significant cost saving up to 76,000 USD was realized by avoiding rig intervention and shortening time of well services. Detailed study, laboratory testing, treatment procedure, and further analysis are discussed in this paper.

Chelating acidizing is an uncommon acid system to stimulate carbonates and sandstone in our operating area. Since its successful performance during the trial, more acid campaign using chelating was conducted to enhance oil production. However, this acid system was never been tried as a solution treatment for pump stuck condition and the case of well XY-107 was the first time in the company's history.

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