Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) is an artificial lift that often associated with big production rate, which is at least 300 bbls/day. ESP also has limitation in handling unconsolidated sand reservoir, high GOR wells, and minimum casing ID. As technology flourished, these handicaps for an ESP well are no longer valid. A breakthrough was established for ESP utilization. However people's perception of ESP persists. Extreme well ESP is changing that perception.

There are three types of extreme well ESP: high solid content, high GOR, and slim-line ESP. High solid content ESP has open impellers. This type of impeller creates no space between impeller and diffuser, hence no solids accumulation. Multiphase pump (MPP) is used to handle high GOR problem. MPP stage design has axial screw type impeller and gas handling diffuser. Gas from reservoir fluid will be compressed and broken into smaller bubbles resulting in homogenous gas-liquid mixture, hence no gas lock during production. For well with small casing ID e.g., 4-1/2" casing, slim-line ESP with 3.19" outside diameter is utilized.

These three types of extreme well ESP were all utilized in Central Sumatera Asset of Pertamina EP. High solid content ESPs were installed in five wells (MJ-134, MJ-132, MJ-128, STT-25, and KTT-23) in four different structures with production range of 30 to 1200 bbls/day. Basic Sediment (BS) number in this asset varies from 0.1% up to 40%, which results in suspending wells and repeating well services. In wells MJ-134, high solid content ESP was able to produce up to 50% BS number at the beginning of production. It showed excellent lifting capability in severe sand problem condition. While in wells STT-25 and KTT-23, utilizing high solid content ESP increases well's lifetime and generates gain in production. High GOR ESPs were installed in wells PPS-01 and SGC-15. Both wells has around 2000 scf/stb GOR. Conventional ESP would have a hard time producing these gassy wells. By using MPP, well PPS-01 produced smoothly and even later optimized to have bigger production. Producing well SGC-15 faced another handicap in form of scale deposition. Scale preventer was also installed for this well. Slim-line ESP was installed in well BJG-01 that has 4-1/2" casing. Grossing up the wells with slim-line ESP contributes production gain.

Since October 2019 this project has produced cumulative production of 56,199 bbls oil and counting, and been considered successful in solving extreme well problems. Being proven able to handle high BS number, high GOR, and produce well with small casing size, extreme well ESP is altering old mindset in ESP utilization. All of handicaps mentioned above were redeemed obsolete. This breakthrough starts the dawn of new perception in artificial lift selection.

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