In 2014, SPE-167857-MS was published highlighting how Real-Time Surveillance using the Shell proprietary Production Universe (PU) application helped to reduce deferment, improve production allocation, optimize test unit capacity, and track well operating envelope in Brunei Shell Petroleum BSP (company) operations in South East Asia.

Since then, there has been significant progress in the application of PU to help the company meet Wells Reservoir Management (WRFM) requirements and Operational Excellence standards in areas such as Platform Production Reconciliation, Well Modeling, Production Estimation, and Exception based Surveillance helping the company to improve their Hydrocarbon and Energy Accounting. The wider introduction of the PU application in the allocation process significantly helped in Hydrocarbon Accounting (HCA), helping company's journey in moving from monthly to daily allocation and assisting to improve the field reconciliation factor (RF).

The utilization of PU has also facilitated real-time monitoring of production parameters supporting engineers to safely and efficiently operate their wells within the Operating Envelopes while adhering to reservoir management guidelines.

The optimization engine of the PU has been used to maximize the production of company contributing to two major success stories of Real-Time Condensate Optimization in a Gas-Constraint system and Gas Lift Optimization in a platform with limited lift gas availability amongst the producing wells.

An Integrated Production Monitoring and Optimization System (IPMOS) provides asset-wide advice on optimally producing company's well within the constraints imposed by limitations on pipeline capacity, compressor throughput, and remote operability while satisfying customer demands.

PU is additionally being used in Proactive Technical Monitoring (PTM) of rotating equipment to identify the critical parameters operating outside the set limits in an exception-based format.

PU alerts & alarms have been configured in a wide range of operational monitoring such as Ensure Safe Production (ESP), Chemical Injection, Annulus Pressure Monitoring(APM), Control-Line pressure, Erosion-Corrosion Monitoring System(ECMS) to alert Production Engineers in case of any discrepancy or exception-based format for them to take remedial actions.

This paper will explain how each of the above applications in PU has helped company in its journey of closing its gap to potential and achieving the digital transformation of its operations.

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