The Balingian province is located offshore Sarawak, comprising of at least 7 oil fields with its regional geology consisting of a combination of deltaic & shoreface system. Though consisting of clastic reservoirs, the fields are highly sophisticated in terms of reservoir compartmentalization, hence uncertainties in fluid contacts, differing depletion strategies and varying production performance per well. As the regional production has gone into brownfield stage, the challenge is to determine the most suitable secondary recovery method to prolong field life. The subsurface & feasibility studies conducted produced mixed results between application of water & gas injection, giving recovery factors between 30 to 40%, and implementation so much depending on source of water & gas and cost benefit analyses. The application of IOR across Balingian province are executed in pilot mode across all fields. While the pilots are still continuing, this paper is to share the methodology, recovery factors and process of the regional study and some results from the ongoing surveillance post-execution, and the wayforward.

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