Over the last five years, the oil market has experienced its most significant downturn since 1990s which resulted in the greatest immediate impact on the exploration and development drilling segment of the industry. With the objective to counter the influence of this potentially long period of downturn in global oil price, oil & gas operators have opted for different approaches to secure their future recovery and growth. The digital transformation across their drilling and completion activities could be a solution which helps to improve the drilling efficiency, shorten the well time, and cut down the well cost to the tolerable investment. In addition to that, the need of switching to a digital environment has recently became an urgent requirement, especially when everywhere in the world applies the social distancing and work from home concept during Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, establishing a digital workplace has set an approach in a way drilling and completion teams handling internal and external communications, collaborations and content management to support drilling and completion activities.

In order to understand more in depth, this paper, as a part of the digital transformation project carried out by Phu Quoc Petroleum Operating Company (PQPOC), the Operator of Block B Gas Development Project (Blocks B&48/95 and 52/97) located offshore of the South West of Vietnam, will make clear how to build a digital workplace on SharePoint, what features should be included in this platform, and how it can support drilling and completion activities.

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