Upstream Oil & Gas industry recognizes that there are significant gains to be had by the implementation of new digital technologies. For offshore exploration and development, the goal is to bring together all domains, all data, and all engineering requirements in a seamlessly interconnected solution. The industry is putting significant efforts into using instrumentation and software to optimize operations in all domains for exploration and production (E&P) to move towards the digital oil field of the future. an innovative digital solution has been designed and implemented to cover all different aspects of the well planning and engineering workflows, delivering a step change in terms of capabilities and efficiency.

As part of this transformation process, CNOOC have implemented integrated data management project of geological engineering for covering all different aspects of the well engineering workflows, delivering a step change in terms of capabilities and efficiency. The objective is to provide a continuous improvement platform to users for:

Digitalization can reduce the time spent with daily documentation and simultaneously increase the quality by removing an error prone way of work.

Technological solution enabling real-time data transmission from all rigs to CNOOC onshore headquarters and enabling real-time visualizations of the drilling data. This includes workload, number of needed rigs, daily performance, key performance indicators and even operation time forecasts based on real data.

Engineering solution to transform expert experience and accident cases into information to easily identify the areas of operational improvement allowing to implement specific measures to reduce intangible loss time (ILT) and non-productive time (NPT) which can help in reducing costs.

This project has also provided a real geological drilling environment where high frequency real-time drilling data is utilized along with low frequency daily drilling report data to provide better insights for well planning and generate ideas for improving performance and reducing risk.

This paper presents a full description of a new industry standard digital well construction solution that has the potential to transform the well operation process by providing a step change in collaboration, concurrent engineering, automation, and data analytics. Furthermore, the cloud-deployed solution challenges will be briefly discussed.

The learned lessons and gained experiences from this project construction presented here provide valuable guidance for future demands E&P and digital transformation.

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