Liquid load issue is commonly found in the gas condensate reservoir. In this regard we consider a novel workflow consisting: (i) CO2 capture from fossil fueled power plants, (ii) inject the captured CO2 into the well and (iii) investigate the effects of CO2 injection in well health. This communication reports, the issue identification and verification, as well as the effects of high purity CO2 on surface tension, minimum miscible pressure (MMP) and well productivity.

ScCO2 will be obtained from a chemical-looping combustion (CLC) integrated power plant. The novel CLC method includes the application of a solid oxygen (O2) carrier to supply O2, instead of air, to carry out the fuel combustion, thereby almost pure CO2 can be delivered without any energy penalty for separation. The captured CO2 needs to be brought in ScCO2 condition before injection. A mathematical workflow model was developed to identify and verify liquid loading issue. In addition, surface tension, and density were measured at high pressure and temperature to analyse the influence of supercritical CO2 in recovery and liquid loading.

As indicated above, this study comprises with three major aspects (i) captured/compressed of CO2 from a power plant and (ii) use of ScCO2 in gas condensate reservoirs and (iii) impact of pure CO2 in the well health. In CO2 capture, a thermodynamic parametric models analysis has been conducted using natural gas as fuel, and nickel oxide as a solid oxygen carrier.

The influence of temperature in fuel and O2 ratios are examined by the Gibbs free energy method to determine the combustion product composition. It reveals that CO2 is purified up to 99.5% in the fuel combustion cycle which is nickel (Ni) based O2 carrier. The result is agreed with the experimental studies.

The workflow model identified and varied liquid loading in an active well. Surface tension (ST) between Arabian condensate and ScCO2 was measured and found that ST continued to decrease with increasing pressure. Dynamic miscibility value was determined at high pressure and temperature.

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