An innovative digital solution to transform pipe fit-up operations had been developed. It relies on an algorithm providing a full batch of pipes compatibility analysis, and a smartphone app to be used in full autonomy by welding staff providing live fit-up outcomes. This results in optimized welding assembly operations.

Providing pipe-end dimensional measurement and using pipe-end identification technology, the algorithm provides a deterministic analysis of the data to accurately predict the Hi-Lo resulting from all possible pipe-end combinations and then anticipate operational constraints.

The developed app provides tailored recommendations to mitigate risks associated with Hi-Lo specification compliance (such as grouping, quarantine management or non-compatibilities identification) considering operational constraints such as quarantine capacity, welding line cycle time or even accessibility.

During welding operations, no sequencing is required. By scanning two random pipes intended to be welded together, a smartphone app provides live recommendations on the pipe rotations to respect welding requirements. The solution also includes quarantine management, displaying real-time notifications to reintroduce pipes that have been segregated due to limited compatibility.

This results in secured line pipe assembly workflow, improved weld quality and production time reduction.

Innovation lies into bringing full autonomy: in the field, the solution is a simple mobile app to be used by the existing personnel. No additional workforce on-board is required. Additionally, compared to existing solutions, the developed tool brings a deterministic analysis instead of a probabilistic one, and does not require sequencing - thus removing the need for extensive pipe handling.

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