Offshore TBA field production has going to the marginal phase where to produce need using artificial lift (gas lift). The gas source for the gas lift is the associate gas produced from the existing wells. The TBA field needs additional gas production to make up the Gas Compressor Unit due to production of the associate gas has declined. This additional gas production will be obtained from top layer of perforation zone. The perforation activity cannot be carried out using rig unit and snubbing units due to limited space deck on tripod platform and high cost operations.

To solve the problem, offshore scaffolding pipes structure (rigless) has become an alternative option to complete the job. This alternative will be supporting as static lifting equipment to R/U all units and running all devices at the platform during well service activities such as perforation, bottom hole pressure survey and gas lift valve replacement.

The success story of using offshore scaffolding pipes structure (rigless) with the steps procedure for installation and dismantle will be discussed in this paper. It is expected that the success of using offshore scaffolding for the operation activity will be a new breakthrough in how to create efficiency in the oil and gas industry.

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