Handil Field is a mature oil and gas field located in Mahakam Delta, East Kalimantan, Indonesia, developed since 1975. Handil reservoirs were deposited in a fluvio-deltaic environment. Oil reservoirs mainly located in shallow zone, whereas gas bearing reservoirs are mainly located in lower main until deep zone. Handil shallow zone consists of multi layer reservoirs located at depth 200 to 1500 m TVDSS. This zone is penetrated by different kinds of completion well techniques: gravel pack well for shallow zone and tubingless and dual string well for main and deep zone. The oil production from shallow zone is supported by gas lift system. The characteristic of shallow reservoir is poorly consolidated to unconsolidated sand with strong aquifer support. Due to sand prone reservoir, sand control technique is mandatory to prevent sand production when producing the oil.

Gravel pack is commonly used as completion technique. Yet it still has limitation in number of reservoir coverage. As an alternative solution to produce remaining uncovered oil reservoirs, resin sand consolidation (SCON) is chosen.

As the impact of bottom-up perforation strategy applied in Handil field, SCON implementation in ex-main and ex-deep zone wells are continuously emerging. Currently, several wells start producing from shallow reservoirs. Extensive preparation should be performed such as gas lift installation, tubing integrity, cementing, and site preparation in order to perform SCON in these types of wells. In terms of SCON target selection, several assesment should be performed to deal with SCON chemical limitations.

SCON technique in Handil shallow oil reservoir was put on pilot project in 2011. Until End of 2018, 19 jobs have been implemented in different type of well architectures. In term of production gain, SCON jobs have been delivering ~1,100,000 bbls cumulative oil production with 100% success ratio on job execution and durability of the resin (no early sand breakthrough on surface). In 2018, 11 SCON jobs were performed with an average production gain 400 bopd and reserves 80,000 bbls. Due to its profitability, robustness, and applicability, SCON remain the main option to unlock oil potential of the remaining unperforated shallow reservoir in Handil Field.

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