Drilling automation is a rapidly developing area of technology that is seeing growing interest within the drilling industry. MHWirth as one of the world-leading providers of complete drilling rig packages including the equipment software systems has been focusing on developing a set of different smart modules in order to perform more efficient operations.

This paper describes the MHWirth's DrillersAssist. It is a Smart Module that assists the driller with downhole operations. It offers automation of well construction sequences, and protective limits safeguarding the well. This helps with efficient and consistent well construction.

All functions and protective limits in DrillersAssist are configured by the operator based on input from the well plan, mud logger and other sources.

It contains three drilling sequences; mud pump start-up, hole cleaning and friction test sequences.

DrillersAssist also provides several well protection functions. It is worthy to mention that the operator can easily override the protection if required due to operational reasons.

Thereafter the results of implementing DrillersAssisst on Transocean-Enabler rig for drilling operation of a well in Barent-sea will be presented. The results show its first pilot run had quite some cost reduction compared to when drilling operation performed without the use of DrillersAssist.

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