This paper will describe the success of Chevron Pacific Indonesia's (PT. CPI) Sumatera Operation (SMO) to deliver improved business results through the implementation of an Integrated Optimization Decision Support Center (IODSC). The SMO IODSC is focused on value optimization across the Rokan Production Sharing Contract (PSC) by developing and implementing digital solutions ranging from the simple, such as Short Message Service (SMS) gateway to monitor rig status, through to the more advanced, such as Artificial Intelligence to identify failing equipment. Value creation was achieved by the systematic adoption of digital solutions to reduce lost production opportunity (LPO), reduce expenses, improve energy efficiency and optimize hydrocarbon production. Key to this systematic adoption is IODSC's Integrated Exception Management (IEM) system. IEM supports CPI employees in their daily tasks by:

  • Managing large amounts of data captured each day and using data science to change it to actionable information.

  • Capturing exception criteria based on Subject Matter Experts (SME) knowledge that automatically identifies and prioritizes wells and equipment operating outside the desired condition (exception signals).

  • Housing workflows to enable review, action and close-out of the exception signals.

IEM provides "one-stop exception review" and "start to finish workflow" capabilities that documents accountability for each step of the workflow and the time taken to complete. IEM allows for the exception criteria to be defined by physical principles, subject matter expert (SME) knowledge, or Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based techniques.

As a result of this systematic implementation of improved workflows and digital solutions, within 2 years of commencement the IODSC exceeded it's 5 year value creation target.

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