Major accident is one of the risks that oil and gas industries are exposed to. Although its probability of occurrence is low, the impact of this unfortunate event could result in significant losses in terms of personal safety, environment preservation, company asset, production and reputation. Therefore, risk management has to be in place, consisting of identification, assessment and prioritization of risks, followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor and control the probability and/or impact of the unfortunate event.

In anticipation of potential major accident, there was an initiative to develop a system to manage risks in operations. In order to do that, a Technological Risk Assessment (TRA) study has been done for the existing facilities. As a result, technological risks, which deal with events that may have catastrophic and disastrous consequences, could be identified. However, due to operational changes, the level of risks could differ from the one defined by the TRA study. These risks are what we call "technical integrity risks".

In contrary to technological risks which are updated at every 5 years within the facility life cycle, technical integrity risks dynamically change over time in operational phase of the facility. Therefore, it was necessary to have one centralized database to register all the technical integrity risks. The database was named AGIR (Asset Global Integrity Risk) Register.

Apart from its function as a database, AGIR was developed as a one-stop application for risk management processes. All cases identified as potential integrity threats are registered in the application. A risk assessment tool is also embedded in order to guide users to perform risk assessment based on company's risk matrix in more systematic and efficient way. A TRA database is also included as reference of risk level by design, providing also the major risk register of the facilities. For cases that are confirmed as integrity threats, follow-up of actions defined is also monitored in this application. Furthermore, the application also provides dashboard function to generate reports. This application provides transparency and traceability in the implementation of risk management system. Its features could still be enriched to cope with the company's future needs with regard to risk management.

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