Challenges are usually exaggerated related to matrix acid stimulation and fluid placement in extended reach horizontal wells and demand a constant flow of innovation. The optimization of real time fluid placement, increasing the reservoir contact and establishing uniform fluid distribution for better production/ injection across the openhole interval is one area that can benefit from these new innovations.

Coiled tubing (CT) equipped with a tractor and new real-time downhole flow measurement capabilities was selected as the solution. While a CT tractor facilitates the reach, flow measurements provide a clearer understanding of downhole injectivity patterns. Real-time fluid direction and velocity are acquired and used to identify high/low intake zones. The data is subsequently applied to adjust the stimulation diversion schedule accordingly. In a water injection well, baseline data was acquired before commencing a matrix stimulation treatment. The treatment was squeezed through the CT at the depths highlighted as low intake during the initial profiling.

The coiled tubing real-time flow tool was deployed during the matrix stimulation treatment of the extended reach water injection well with a downhole tractor. The flow tool measured the baseline injection profile which was then correlated with the mobility data. Results from the pre-stimulation profile showed that 70% of injection was entering in a 3,000 ft. section near the toe (24,500 ft.), whereas 30% of injection was spread across the remainder of the open-hole interval. The acquired flow data was able to identify sections of the wellbore featuring low mobility and viscous fluids, which in turn provided additional information for the adjustment of the subsequent stimulation pumping sequence. The real-time optimization of stimulation treatment helped to increase the post-stimulation injection rate by over 4 times the pre-stimulation rate.

The combination of CT tractor with real-time flow measurement tool provides an efficient means to stimulate extended-reach water injector wells. The basic technology behind the real time flow tool is a synchronized system with a series of heating elements and temperature sensors along the tool to determine the direction and mean velocity of the fluid. This ultimately allows for a more accurate placement of stimulation treatment to the targeted zones. The technology can also be applied for extended reach oil producers, however, for optimum tool performance, the well should first be displaced with an inert fluid.

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