During transfer process in manpower contract management, communication issues may appear and affect the involving parties. It is not merely happened within internal company, but also with the contractors who shall provide the services and the manpower contract personnel as subject of transfer. Contractors, both the incumbent and the future employer, shall provide clear information to the personnel related to their employment including all administration matters. Improper communication to the personnel may lead to personnel's anxiety and confusion which then influence their performance in delivering services to company. The present work explains a success story in Total E&P Indonesie (TEPI) where transfer process could run smoothly and disadvantage situation in industrial relation aspect could be avoided. Coordination and communication among parties become one of the key areas which support the process. In order to achieve the objective, a set of timeframe, strategy, and guideline explaining the responsibilities of each party involved in the handover process shall be produced as reference. Implementing proper handover strategy could minimize the potential industrial relation dispute and maintain the operational activity in which personnel may think that business is run as usual without any change. With active participation from all parties to follow the set strategies and guideline, handover contract could be delivered timely with minimum issues and dispute.

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