Based on a review of the leadership literature and personal observations, the author proposes a new leadership model for engineering managers (EM) in today's petroleum industry. This model consists of five essential leadership attributes. They are technical leadership, task leadership, relational leadership, change leadership and authentic leadership. Technical leadership refers to the ability of the EM to manage projects that are technically complex, multi-disciplinary and are subject to a high degree of technical uncertainty, such as field development planning. Task leadership refers to the EM's ability to be result- focused so as to complete the project on time, within budget and according to scope. Relational leadership refers to the EM's ability to motivate, challenge and support his or her team members to do their best. Change leadership refers to the EM's ability to promote innovative improvements to the organization and adaptation to external changes. Authentic leadership, which underpins all other leadership attributes, refers to the EM's ability to lead according to his or her core values which are ethical, commendable and consistent with those of his or her company, key stakeholders and the community. Suggestions on what universities, companiesand technical professionals can do to provide or acquire leadership training are also given.

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