Condition of oil field development become more complex over time. In contrary, profitability of the asset decreases along with production declines. Eventually, the well becomes unprofitable and need to be temporarily or permanently abandoned. By optimizing production costs, the well immediately becomes more profitable and the economic life of the reservoir is extended.

This paper will highlight how i-field, a term that used in internal Chevron for technology application related with Digital Oilfield practices, in which its application in Duri Field operations enables field data to be turned into information, how integrated processes impact decision-making, and lead to actions that ensure production is optimized continously. Due to promising results on this well monitoring application, currently Duri Field operations having initiative to scale up the implementation. This paper will alsodescribe the impact of well monitoring/ digital oil field implementation on reservoir management, production engineering, and in field asset management. As a result of this particular application in Duri Field operations, we will also benchmark between Duri Field actual value creation with publication of CERA regarding Digital Oilfield value potential. Practice of base business process such as integrated operations approach, well reliability and optimization, and business improvement process such as Lean Six Sigma also help in seeking optimization of process workflow systematically.

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