Total E&P Indonesie (TEPI) has been the operator of Mahakam Block in East Kalimantan since 1968. In a mature field with aging wells, well integrity becomes a vital aspect to ensure all wells are operated within the design envelope during well's life cycle. This paper discusses development of well integrity management tool in the Mahakam Block to manage more than 2000 wells with various integrity threats.

The well integrity management tool developed in TEPI is called SWIM (Smart Well Integrity Module). SWIM acts as a systematic follow-up tools and single database for concerned entities within the Company. On the well integrity management tool logic, NORSOK D-010 barrier concept is applied for a universal approach to all types of well in production regardless of the well completion date as a means to assess the integrity.

Three main components will be assessed to determine integrity status of the well, which are: Two barrier envelopes (External and Internal), and Annulus Pressures as its behavior indicates well integrity issue. The software processing logic will then generate the Well Integrity status depends on the status of barrier component or annulus pressure condition. The general well integrity conditions are then represented by assigning color codes. Four color codes, Green/Yellow/Orange/Red, are utilized for visualization purpose of criticality ranking. Green and Yellow are indicating acceptable well integrity status, meanwhile Orange and Red are highlighting one or several integrity issues on the well and prioritization to perform a restoration job.

The SWIM as single portal and integrated software provided with accurate data inputis beneficial for Company in terms of criticality rankings and data reliability for monitoring thousands of well integrity condition, allowing proper assessment, fast-follow up, and data gathering to propose suitable intervention or repair if required.

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