Multizone Single Trip Gravel Pack (MZ-STGP) Completion has been utilized as primary sand control system in Total E&P Indonesie. Over 250 wells have been successfully delivered since 2005 to maintain production plateau. Currently, the main challenge of this system is how to tackle number of marginal wells with higher geological uncertainties.

In order to ensure well economy, several completion systems need to be prepared as an alternative of the MZ-STGP in order to adapt with the actual well reserve. In fact, the alternative systems should have flexibility to replace MZ-STGP in a very short time to avoid rig standby. This paper will review the alternative solutions which provide both capability and flexibility to replace MZ-STGP in a very short time in order to unlock marginal reservoirs.

Thorough engineering design and progressive trial were performed since 2008 with the involvement of drilling contractors and transverse entities. The main objective of the trial is to implement the alternative system safely without hinder production performance and keep maintaining overall cost as minimum as possible. Mahakam Sand Control Tool Box (M-STOB) was then developed as group of alternative solutions to tackle the challenges mentioned above. It consists of four main solutions; Modular Gravel Pack System, Openhole Solution, Slim Gravel Pack and Thru Tubing Sand Control. Through these solutions, company is expected to have flexibility to adapt well architecture in a very short time based on actual well reserve.

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