Aerial surveillance for oil and gas operations can help in decision making process for a quick and appropriate response to deal with matters that potentially detrimental to the country.

SKK Migas, in supervising and controlling the upstream oil and gas activities in Indonesia have made a good security system and mutually coordinated between operators and other institutions, but there are still several of that difficult to be covered and need to be improved by using technology effectively. Based on the issue reviewed it was recommended to utilize technology-based security systems to improve the security of the operator's working area and develop a security system with the support of drone technology in collecting pictures and videos oil and gas activities. Photos and videos obtained through the drone and then compiled to give an overview of monitoring activities, analysis, and geographic location conditions in the working area.

Aerial surveillance activities by drones in the pipeline operation and maintenance area show the growth of residential areas along the pipeline right of way and the increase of population and industrial activities in the vicinity so that will affect to the increase of the potential risk of pipe explosion. By using drone technology to monitor the pipeline operation and maintenance area, it can help for a quick and appropriate response to prevent a greater risk and implement procedures to minimize impact on the environment.

This paper outlines the utilization of drones to monitor the gas pipeline network in one of the oil and gas operation and concluded by recommending the use of drones to provide a snapshot of operational safety and prevent risks to the community.

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