Demanding of oil & gas more increasing every year. However domestic production in Indonesia could not cover the demand, this phenomena resulting the deficit of oil & gas domestic stocks. Therefore, searching the new oil & gas sources shifting from onshore to the offshore and also deep water. FPSO development become the one important things to support exploration activities. One of the obstacles when design the production facilities in FPSO is limitation of space. All process equipment and instrument must be suitable with vessel space. Almost process instrument mainly in flow meter require upstream and downstream length to guarantee the accuracy of measurements.

In this paper will discuss about DP cone meter performance in support metering system in FPSO facilities. DP cone with size 2" and 6" will be tested. The beta ratio used in the testing are 0.45 and 0.75. The testing goals regarding the coefficient of discharge (Cd) curve performance doing in standard test and non standard test. In standard testing, each size of DP Cone meter connected with straight pipeline with 36D upstream length and 19D downstream length without flow disturbance element pipeline. Dp cone meter with size 2" tested with fluid which has Reynolds number 18,000 to 152,000 Re, and also Dp cone with size 6" tested with fluid which has Reynolds number 61,800 to 715,000 Re. In non standard testing, Dp cone meter directs connected with out of plane 90 degree elbow without requirement installation length in upstream and downstream and half of moon orifice plate with 3D upstream length and 5D downstream length. Maximum fluid Reynold number in the testing are 148,000 to 556,000 Re.

The results of testing showing that coefficient of discharge (Cd) Dp cone in standard testing and non standard testing do not change significantly. The curve showing good linearity and good performance. It verifies that Dp cone meter has resistance to swirl effect and poor flow profile. So, this flow meter more suitable with limitation space installation as FPSO

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