"D" Oil fields is one of the largest operating steam flood injection in the world, Steam Flood "SF" project, to pump heavy oil from the relatively shallow reservoir. "SF"s peak production ever recorded at 2 Billion BPD in year 2006. SF project has 13 areas with over 5,000 oil wells production using artificial lift system. Nowadays, SF oil was declining due to natural processes so it will produce less than its peak production.

SF Area were commonly use Subsurface Rod Pump Manifold Tubing Pump, the pump unit as a whole system were set with tubing into the well, where the barrel attached to the lower end of the tubing, and the plunger along with traveling valve is connected in lower end of the sucker rod string. When the pump be pulled then both the rod and tubing should be pulled together. Tubing pump are usually easier to be applied for shallow wells with small productivity.

Currently in SF operates well producers using regular Tubing Pump where only less than 30% of them being produced with optimum fillage and most of them (60%) categorized as low fillage. The low fillage wells are potentially increase with increasing number of well with low productivity (matured Area). Management captured one of alternatives in order to improve number of optimum fillage wells and to increase the pump efficiency by utilizing Insert Pump (not familiar in SF) which is expected have some benefits for low rate wells (below +/-400 BFPD). Which from other project have successfully trial and proven delivered with 10 wells exceeded the previous life span, improved pump efficiency to 37% and reduce >20% RS job cycle time which contribute around 3.7 $MM.

Novelty, the success ratio of using the insert pump was proven by increasing pump efficiency up to 37%; life span of pump unit much longer than usual; Reduce OPEX and increase production by minimizing Loss Production Oil.

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