Bio-inspired superhydrophobic Polyphenylene sulfide/Polytetrafluoro-ethylene (PPS/PTFE) coatings were prepared by a simple curing process. The surface morphology characterization by SEM shows that these superhydrophobic coatings have the similar macro-nano-structures to that of lotus leaf. Effect of the content of PTFE as well as the curing condition on the water contact angle of the superhydrophobic coating surface was then systematically studied. A series of tests show that the superhydrophobic coatings exhibit high cohesional strength, excellent impact resistance and high thermal stability. Moreover, we studied the stability of chemical resistance of the as-prepared superhydrophobic PPS/PTFE coatings, and the electrochemical impedance values kept on a high level even after 8 days. The superhydrophobic PPS/PTFE coatings with high performance have potential applications in subsea petroleum equipment fields.

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