Today the oil development in the world goes into a new area, in which the complex and special oil reservoir are becoming the main development objects gradually to meet the ever-growing need for energy. Especially in china, most of the oil reservoirs are located in continental basins characterized by serious heterogeneity. And many mature reservoir entered into high water-cut stage after several decades' development. Thus, with the increase of the complexity of the reservoir and its development, reservoir simulation becomes increasingly very complicated. A high-fidelity and fine-scale reservoir simulation with high performance is needed to analyze the complex flow process, simulate the production history and forecast the future performance.

In this paper, the high-fidelity and fine-scale reservoir simulation focus on three aspects, which are flow modeling, fine grid and high-performance mathematic method. The flow and formation model is designed to actually describe the complex flow process of oil, water and gas as well as time-dependent variation of reservoir properties such as permeability and porosity in mature water-flooding reservoir, such as fault, pinch and heterogeneity, which is helpful to simulate water-flooding front and water channeling. The computational mathematical method with high-level pre-conditioners is designed to ensure solving the large simulation mathematic problem with high speed and high performance.

The results shows that the fine-scale simulation is helpful to identify the water displacement front, especially, water channeling which might occur and result in sudden water cut increase during the water-flooding. Also, the high-fidelity and fine-scale modeling more accurately describe the remaining oil and better match the production performance such as the oil and water production trend. As an auxiliary tool, it helps to identify the location of new well in the rejuvenation of mature field. Thanks to the high-fidelity and fine-scale simulation, two new wells are designed and drilled in the area of high remaining oil of ZY reservoir, which both get encouragingly high daily oil production and low water-cut.

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