Centrifugal Pumps and Centrifugal Compressorsare classified as driven equipment which are widely used in the oil and gas industry. They are primarily used to boost the operating pressure and transfer liquid and gas respectively in a safe and reliable manner. Process containment is one of technical integrity and safety barrier classified under Safety Critical Element (SCE). Various components such as casing, gaskets and mechanical seals and dry gas seal were discussed, threats and possible damage mechanism and improvements were shared.

Basically, the mechanical seal by design is not a positivesealing like static flangetoflange connection, but rather has always had some acceptable leakage. The question of "how much leak is acceptable" was tested at site, the results analyzed and compared for safe operation. Leading damaged mechanism such as presence of liquid in the DGS in centrifugal compressor application were also discussed.

Lessons learnt related to early failures due to seal, seal cooling system, maintenance practices for correct seal installation post repair works were discussed. Besides that, damage mechanism from the contaminants such as sand in the product and damages tocasing and seals due to erosion and impingement were also discussed. Condition monitoring techniques that can be employed for reliable operation of the pump and compressor seals were also discussed. The article also describe some of the best practices that could improve the reliability of seals.

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