In the current low oil price context, operation of low productive asset is very challenging, particularly to maintain the integrity while production deliverable is not significant. This situation is experienced in Tunu Gathering and Testing Satellites (GTS) operation, where 4 out of 39 GTS have been confirmed low producers since the last 4 years. For optimization scheme, preservation was proposed where GTS-H was selected as pilot case. This paper will focus on detail assessments that carried out during preparation phases, including stakes review, preservation scheme definition, safety, cost benefit analysis, and overall impact to operation.

Result of GTS-H pilot project confirmed that preservation is a cost effective method to continue operation of non productive asset. Project management approach is an applicable method to execute low cost preservation, which is recommended to be applied to other low producer facility. Comprehensive review at preparation stage is outmost important, not only cost – benefit review, but also all operational aspects, most importantly safety and integrity related. Changes in operation scheme after preservation shall be assessed properly and justified with risk base analysis.

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