There are many learning tools available to fill competency gaps of an employee. The common learning tools are classroom courses, workshops, internal on job Training, external on job training with international companies, NOCs and Service Companies, e learning and other learning activities like attending conferences, forums, symposiums etc. However, the most cost effective tool is E-learning. This helps to fill the technical knowledge gap of the participant with flexibility and conveniently. Most of the E-Learning topics include multimedia for better deliverability. It is the most popular learning tool among new generation because they are technology oriented.

The present paper focusses on a pilot project where an attempt has been made to strengthen the E-learning tool through Action learning. The pilot project needed involvement of Coaches and Discipline Experts (DEs) besides candidates selected as participants of E-learning. Accordingly, as a case study, 10 employees (batch of same job family) with same topic were chosen to participate in the pilot project. Few discipline experts and coaches were also involved related to the course content of the E-learning session. A half-day session was organized with online access of the E-learning topic to all participants and DEs and coaches. After going through the entire topic, a group discussion was held and followed by question answer (QA) session.

As E-learning is a kind of self-learning; the effectiveness of the learning tool was dependent on the seriousness of an individual employee. Conventional assignment of E-learning topic and its implementation was helpful in filling the competency gap in the order of 60 to 70% of the course contents or even lower. However, after making E-Learning in to Action Learning through pilot project, the competency gap filling has been achieved up to 100%.

The implementation of E-learning through Action Learning has developed an interest, value addition and fulfillment of competency gaps of individual employees. This will result in fast track development of technical competence and thus help to achieve the group's business needs and company's goal.

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