The offshore oil and gas industry recognizes and agrees that there are too many instances of premature failures leading to loss of life, environmental impacts, reputation damage, increased downtime, and production losses. In response to this situation, there has been rapid growth in integrity management related research and development, however it has become difficult to keep track of all of this activity. The purpose of this state-of-the-art review paper is to summarize key findings and provide a comprehensive list of pertinent literature in the field of deepwater facilities integrity management. Focus is given to the latest information on integrity management systems, regulations, standards and recommend practices, and current industry challenges. The goal of this paper is to consolidate and provide the most updated information regarding integrity management, in order to assist those individuals and companies that are new to this field. Several of the referenced documents are available to the public via the World Wide Web. The references are provided for information only, and do not represent a comprehensive list of applicable standards, recommend practices, or regulations.

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