An Accelerated competency development is one of the essential factors to achieve and sustain the medium- to long-term vision of INPEX. After intensive reviews and discussions, a skillmap based development approach had been selected and implemented especially targeting young technical professionals to enhance the company's overall technical capabilities. This paper describes the key success factors of our Skillmap set-up approach and its implementation procedures.

The internal discussion concluded that we required "own" style of competency development scheme rather than utilizing a ‘ready-made" scheme or contracting out. Three key points of our approach are highlighted as follows.

  1. Job matrix and skill matrix: Two matrixes were created to evaluate the work experiences and technical capabilities respectively for the optimum development plan.

  2. A face-to-face approach: This is our core approach of communication, to build strong relationship between young and senior professionals.

  3. A dedicated competency development support team, so-called "Skillmap team", leads the entire process proactively.

The approach was implemented nearly two years ago and over 150 young professionals have experienced the processes.

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