Getting a drill site ready on time for drilling with the least idle time to its resources (drilling rigs and rig related manpower) was becoming a major constraint to the Company's achieving its annual operational targets. On an average the Company has to drill at least 50 locations in a year. Multiple departments are involved in the entire process of getting a drill site ready for drilling with multiple activities, some independent and some dependant, having to be carried out by the concerned departments before the final objective can be achieved.

It was seen that the existing system of monitoring and reporting of the pre-drilling status of sites was not effective and hence there was an urgent requirement for an IT based on-line monitoring system to be implemented for ease of monitoring, transparency, better review and decision making.

Treating each of the drill sites as a project by itself, which needed to be monitored closely by the use of a system with multiple data input and reporting channels and having the ability to generate various reporting formats meant that there would be multiple projects required to be monitored at any given time.

By implementing an integrated enterprise project management solution having multiple users the Company was able to meet its requirements.

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