The paper discusses two gas condensate development projects in Vietnam, which have and are deploying Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Technology.

Bien Dong POC in 2010 commenced planning for the Bien Dong 1 High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) gas condensate development project offshore Vietnam, with bottom hole pressures of 15.2lb/gal - 17.2lb/gal, and with bottom hole temperatures in the range of 155 deg C - 180 deg C. With very narrow kick loss margins inside 0.5 lbs/gal, the probability of serious kick loss issues during the drilling of the reservoir sections looked to be very high. The Bien Dong 1 development is a complex HPHT project ranking one of the most difficult and challenging HPHT projects in Asia Pacific currently.

As a remedy for such potential drilling hazards, Managed Pressure Drilling techniques and technology were selected, and implemented. This technology gives the option for accurate early kick detection and if required Constant Bottom Hole Pressure (CBHP) drilling coupled with ECD management.

The second project which deployed MPD Technology is the gas condensate development for Cuulong JOC, with lower pore pressures than Bien Dong 1 the range of 12.5lb/gal - 14.0lb/gal but with bottom hole temperatures up to 190 deg C static.

The paper will examine the following

  • Reasons and conceptions to use managed pressure drilling technology

  • Preplanning and engineering of the project

  • Managed pressure drilling equipment adaption into a new build semi-submersible tender assist, quad mast rig, including modifications to the hook up of the 15K BOP stack and expanded mud gas separator system

  • Implementation of the project once the rig was on location in readiness to commence drilling the first well

  • Rig crew familiarization and training in MPD techniques

  • Analysis of the early results in the project

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