The field was developed in a deepwater setting by Woodside Energy Ltd (WEL) and Mitsui E&P Australia Pty Ltd and commenced production in 2008. The field is located some 50 km offshore Western Australia, in approximately 400m water depth. Similar to other projects in the area, the development of the field was based on a subsea tieback to an Floating Production Storage and Offtake vessel (FPSO). The artificial lift for the field was based on the deployment of a subsea multiphase boosting system, to ensure satisfactory production rates and recovery of hydrocarbons.

This paper will address the typical applications and characteristics for subsea multiphase boosting systems, and provide an overview of the system deployed, as well as the drivers for selecting this technology. The benefits to the users are normally related to reduced investments, and more importantly, increased recovery and optimum utilization of hydrocarbons in place. The potential extension of field life for producing assets through multiphase boosting may have significant impact on the overall economics of the development.

The operational experience of the subsea boosting system will be discussed, including the performance of the subsea boosting system. The operation of the boosting system is based on the concept of integrated operations, and thus the performance of the subsea pumps and all auxiliaries are condition monitored on a real-time basis. The experience and added value generated through integrated operations of subsea rotating machinery will be discussed, including the potential upside with regards to system availability and maintenance.

Based on the successful deployment of a subsea multiphase boosting system the operator gained experience with the operation of subsea rotating machinery and production boosting. It is the objective of this paper to share considerations, advantages and future expectations of the technology, and put forward recommendations for future deployments of the same.

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