Slugs-fracs is one of new-to-field approaches which changed the conditions of wells for fracturing increasing the number of candidates in Kamennoe field Western Siberia. Placing fracturing jobs by slugs of proppant pumped in linear gel successfully implemented in stimulating pay zones in near water intervals with small stress contrast between zones and barriers. A few technical specifics had been used to contribute the success of this methodology such as earlier pumping with near matrix rate to allow more fluid filtration ahead of the main proppant stages before fracture is fully formed. Proppant setting according to Stokes law and dune effects theory were evaluated and considered for design strategy. The slugs-fracs allowed pumping regardless of the wellbore deviation and height of perforated intervals. Post-fracturing results from 120 wells were used for analysis. Significant decrease in initial water cut and sustainable oil production were reported. First slugs-fracs were introduced in the beginning of 2010 and in following 2 years more than 200 hundreds jobs have been pumped across the field. This allowed to drill spots of the field that were previously suspended as result of ineffective fracturing treatments mostly due to high risk of fracture breaking down the water zones.

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