Viscous and heavy oil reservoir is a challenge in oil production due to unfavorable mobility ratio. Thermal injection is a method to increase well productivity and oil recovery which is usually performs in shallow reservoir. One type of thermal injection is cyclic steam stimulation.

Cyclic steam stimulation was conducted in two wells of Melibur field as a pilot project. Since it has 8–12 cP viscosity, 22–26° API oil gravity and relatively shallow reservoir depth, Melibur has an appropriate character to perform steam injection.

The project started with well selection with the main consideration is amount of remaining oil in reservoir. It is also considering completion diagram and operational aspect for each well. The injection process was performed in 10–12 days with certain injection parameter to meet the heat requirement for reservoir and follow with 5 days soaking.

This paper focuses on the result and effect of cyclic steam stimulation to well and offset wells production rate and fluid properties. Many experiences acquired from the project of cyclic steam stimulation perform in Sihapas formation, one of them is the effect to offset well that indicates there is a connection and high heat conductivity between wells. Incremental of initial production rate about 40% occurred in first well. In second well, this operation gives an effect to offset well with the incremental of production rate reach 100% in nearest well. Oil properties changes with different in viscosity, oil gravity and pour point value after cyclic steam stimulation.

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