In the industry, there is an abundance of highly technical engineer-based training available on drill string design, but a different approach is required for employees that simply need a basic understanding of drill string principles. Some trainees and shop-hands have a need for a basic understanding of bottom hole assembly (BHA) fundamentals and drill string design in order to build a foundation for future training courses as well as eventually make informed choices on the job.

To meet this need during our training course, we chose five basic topics that covered BHA fundamentals and drill string design, and we covered each of the five topics using current adult learning fundamentals. The content we chose was: BHA components and assemblies, drill pipe anatomy and identification, connection science, failure mechanisms and basic drill string design. Exercises designed specifically for the content required students to label the critical pin and box area of a connection, create posters on failure mechanisms and calculate the maximum overpull for drill pipe, among other things. Our objective was to provide training that not only addressed the necessary technical information, but also presented the content in a way that was geared towards learning and retention.

Pre and post test results, along with course evaluations, offered evidence this introductory level course provided the students with an effective foundation of knowledge. Most students left the course with a better understanding of BHA fundamentals and were able to describe specific ways that the course would help them do their jobs better. Information provided in the paper can benefit trainees or shop-hands seeking a basic understanding of drill-string principles. The information is also applicable to training departments industry-wide looking to develop introductory technical training.

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