ExxonMobil Exploration & Production Malaysia Inc. (EMEPMI) operates a non-associated gas field in the offshore Malay Basin which produces from deep consolidated sands. In 2006, EMEPMI undertook a 2-well recompletion program to develop a shallower unconsolidated sand which required downhole sand control. This paper details the challenges encountered and solutions developed to successfully install frac-pack sand control treatments. The recompletion challenges included limited data to design the treatments, tight space constraints limiting frac-pack equipment capability and a platform hazardous zoning requirement that created logistical difficulties. The paper will also describe the various sand-face completion technologies investigated before the recompletions as well as the lessons learnt from these experiences that will be applied to future treatments.

These were the first successful frac-pack sand control installations in EMEPMI's history. The sustained prolific gas production obtained from these wells affirms the success of the completion method. In addition, sand-production monitoring further reinforces that downhole sand control has been achieved, since only a small amount of ultra fine particles that have no negative impact on production or surface equipment have been detected. These positive results highlight the importance of operator technical/operations personnel and service providers working as a team to develop the most appropriate solutions to the technical and operational challenges encountered.

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