Wet gas metering technology was chosen by ExxonMobil for continuous well testing and advanced production measurement at two satellite platforms located in the South China Sea offshore Malaysia. The satellite facilities are equipped with permanently installed SmartVent wet gas venturi based meters at each well location. Special wet gas flow calculation and monitoring software have been developed and installed on a separate flow computer installation interfaced to the host platform DCS system.

Prior to installation the wet gas meters have been subjected to full scale testing at a representative high pressure gas/liquid flow test facility. This has resulted in valuable measurement experience and a unique set of experimental wet gas data. After start up of the field on-site verification/calibration will be performed using the tracer technology method. As of today valuable results have been obtained from the system.

The present application is a demonstration that wet gas flow measurement is increasingly gaining acceptance in replacing expensive well test separators and related infrastructure in gas/condensate field developments. Besides the significant cost savings, the availability of continuous readings of each well's production rates allows for enhanced reservoir management and production optimisation. At the same time experience has shown that successful implementation of wet gas flow measurement requires adequate attention to every aspect of the metering process.

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