The resolution and accuracy provided by the existing technology for downhole (pressure and temperature) and rate measurements are unprecedented. However, while the potential benefits have been outlined, the models and processes required to reap these benefits (in particular the quantifiable ones) have not been sufficiently documented. In addition, considering the increasing number of reported work in this area, it is necessary to provided a framework for the analysis and discussion of existing and upcoming applications.

This paper presents a: i) summary and classification of downhole and flow rate measurements applications, ii) a discussion of their benefits for reservoir description and production optimization, and iii) the models and processes required to obtain those benefits.

The above-referenced applications are classified in three main areas: reservoir characterization, reservoir/well flow modeling, and process monitoring. The discussion of each application includes: benefits, previously reported work, required measurements and other relevant data, and a general description of the necessary models and processes.

The paper is expected to be useful assessing the possible impact of investments (business cases) in permanent downhole and flow rate measurements, designing plans for the development or acquisition of applications, and establishing the knowledge requirements in the context of training programs.

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