The polymer flood technology has been applied in large-scale scope in Daqing oil field for about ten years. The area of the pilot projects of ASP flood is enlarging too. The foam of ASP flood, as a new technology based on ASP flood, has been presented. Since the technology centralizes two sides of advantages of ASP flood and general foam flood, its oil recovery is more than the others. Though the area of the pilot project of foam of ASP flood in Daqing oil field isn't very large, the oil recovery of 65% is gotten now. The better perspective of this technology's application has been shown in the pilot project.

Even though these EOR technologies have been successful in pilot tests, the argument about the effect of polymer solution on unit displacement efficiency has existed till now, and the displacement mechanism of ASP flood in heterogeneous formation should be realized again. The foam of ASP flood is a new method to enhance oil recovery. So the results of this paper have an important meaning for their application.

For revealing more clearly the displacement oil mechanism of three technologies, the displacement oil process of polymer, ASP and foam of ASP in micro pores and dead ends of pores have been studied by using microphysical simulation. Moreover, the analysis of dynamic and static forces required to remove a discontinuous oil in micro pores has been implemented by using the points of views of chemistry and Physics of interfaces.

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