The imminent necessity of reactivation of the exploration activities and evaluation of geologic prospects potentially producing hydrocarbons in Colombia, depends on several factors, among those it is counted the most valuable and important, the readiness of information that guarantees an integral knowledge of the areas of interest.

Keeping in mind the existence of computer tools such as the web of the information (WWW) and technological advances in integration, analysis, processing and data administration, ECOPETROL (Oil Colombian Company), and their enclosed Vice-presidency of Exploration, have joined efforts in the process of integration of complete information of wells coming from diverse sources. Furthermore they used brand new technologies in areas of document preservation, storage, organization, structuring, consults and data analysis.

This document shows the change and benefits of a traditional system of location and recovery of information of wells vs. an integrated system of handling wells information via electronic Intranet/Extranet/Internet. The user can consult his area of interest starting from reliable well coordinates, to gather partial or total well logs information, by zones or all depth, to locate the available seismic information, besides the geologic and operative information gathered in drilling processes, logs services, completion and wells production tests.

Additionally the modules, that conform the only POZOTECA of the country, are presented with their structure and the processes of documents capture: vectorizing and digitizing, unification of parameters of acquisition and processing, strategies of databases integration and navigation systems and consults of this valuable key information for the development of the country. This outline according to international experts’ concepts is an unique model that has not been developed in another country of the world reason why it will be very useful for the implementation of similar processes in the national and international oil industry, highlighting that it is a work developed basically with the contribution of the knowledge of national technological base companies.

The philosophy of acquisition, updating, administration, consults and handling of the POZOTECA establishes applicable work protocols to other areas of the knowledge in the oil industry. It guarantees the resources optimization; decrease of costs and it avoids misinformation. Equally, the system increases the productivity of the E&P workers and the discovery of new reserves and business opportunities. The economic and technological contribution of the present project is invaluable and it can be used immediately.

The system is available for data mining and data analysis1,2  processes. It is established architecture for data transformation with features clearly defined e.g. data type, unity and semantic aspects into the E&P environment.

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