Squeezing the extra barrel of oil from a brown field asset requires a structured working methodology to maximise a field's total potential both from the subsurface and surface aspects of operations. Brunei Shell has introduced the concept with a Production System Optimisation (PSO) Team in 1997. This proved very successful and Brunei Shell has therefore taken another step towards realising the limit with the setting up of three dedicated PSO teams, one for each of the geographic operating areas. The paper will outline the ongoing efforts made by one of these three PSO teams, the "West" team, in identifying production opportunities in the offshore Ampa, Fairley and Gannet fields. The nature and scope of work that has been carried out so far includes simplification of process design, reducing deferments, realising the field's lock-up potential, removing process bottlenecks and optimising the operating envelope. This is often achieved by applying "out of the box" approaches to deliver innovative business solutions. This will be demonstrated with examples. The working methodology and key learning points outlined in the paper can easily be adopted by other oil and gas operating companies. From the PSO/1 implemented activities, an average of 320 m3/d/annum nett oil production has been delivered for the year 2000, generating revenue amounting to US$60300 per day (at US$30/barrel) and a saving of 70% on CAPEX.

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