Many oil and water wells are distributed over the all developing reservoirs, of which one well's pressure test data are controlled by multiple well system. People used to solve this problem by taking testing well as a single well system with constant pressure or closed outer boundary. This paper touches upon the outer boundary with constant rate, that is, the effect of multiple well system on testing well is reflected on the injection rate at the outer boundary of testing well, whose relation with the production rate of testing well is Injection-Production Ratio (IPR) of the drainage area. Obviously, such dealing reflects the mutual relationship of oil wells and water wells more truly and universally. For example, closed boundary can be regarded as a special case of outer boundary with constant rate (when IPR=0).

A new type-curve is presented for considering IPR. Using it on well test analysis, not only the usual well and reservoir parameters can be obtained, such as permeability, skin factor and wellbore storage constant etc., but only yield IPR in drainage area of testing well. The practicality of this type-curve is proved by the illustration of test data from Daqing Oil Field.

This paper has successfully solved the well test analysis problem of multi well system, and it is of great importance in guiding well test data interpretation, pattern modification and injection-production balance analysis for present waterflooding reservoirs.

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