LDK132 was chosen to be implemented of MEOR technology using "huff & puff" method. Water and oil from Ledok Formation were taken at the wellhead. No LDK-132 core was available, only cores from LDK-209 and LDK-P1 were found. Core plugs could not be made from the former due to very tight conditions with the permeability of only 0.458 md. The latter with the permeability of 140 md was ready for the microbial core flooding (MCF) tests. A standard core (Clas-sach) from Scotland was also be used to compare with the native core's result. The MCF tests were conducted on reservoir conditions upon the native core gave an increase 12.58% of Sor, while the standard core yielded 21.22% of Sor. The first cycle, conducted on 8 July 1999, consisted of 135 barrels of microbes enriched with KKL-11 and M4+ media, were injected through annulus of LDK-132. The result showed an increased of oil production rate, from 8.18 BOPD before the injection to 12.27BOPD, hopefully, after the injection.

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